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I am concerned with investigating volcanic hazard interactions and their impact on social factors such as agriculture and infrastructure. Quantification of cascading, compounding and interacting volcanic hazards is essential in our understanding of hazard management, risk mitigation and emergency management. This is particularly relevant in the Taranaki region of New Zealand, a significant contributor to the national economy and the source of many crucial lifelines, where an explosive eruption is 81% likely within the next 50 years.


Developing a multi-volcanic hazard impact assessment framework with distributed infrastructure networks and agricultural sectors in the Taranaki region of New Zealand

Key Aims:
  1. Explore the development of vulnerability models for cascading, compounding and interacting volcanic hazards at Mt Taranaki
  2. Engage with a variety of stakeholders to co-produce appropriate and relevant decision support tools
  3. Quantify exposure to multi-volcanic hazards in the Taranaki region and consider the implications for civil defence and hazard management