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Geology is an incredibly diverse and multidisciplinary subject. It’s about understanding Planet Earth so that we can benefit human society and sustain the environment that supports us. We have excellent and challenging courses and research programmes which prepare students for a diverse range of career options, such as in geo-exploration, volcanology, hazard management, engineering geology, environmental planning, water resources, science teaching and geoscience research.

Two UC professors Women of Influence finalists

29 September 2015 Two University of Canterbury professors are among the finalists for the Women of Influence awards for 2015. (read article)

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‘I love my degree and the opportunities it has presented and opened up to me...’

Jonathan-Adam Mukhtar studying towards a Master of Science in Engineering Geology
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Sarah Bastin, PhD Candidate Department of Geological Sciences UC, "Liquefaction and paleo-liquefaction in Christchurch, New Zealand.", Thursday October 8, 2015, 11am to 12pm, Room 210, von Haast Building

Master Talks Semester 2 (Part 2), Thursday October 8, 2015 2pm to 5:25pm. For list of presenters please see here. Talks will be held in the Common Room 312, Geological Sciences.

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Stefan Cook is studying towards a Professional Masters in Engineering Geology at the University of Canterbury. His work involves characterising the stability of the rock mass material at the outlet of the Crater Lake, Mt Ruapehu, located on the southern flanks of the active crater rim. The outlet occurs at a 10 m high water fall, located in the centre of the research area, and represents the best exposure of rock for his research.(read more)

MSc thesis (HAZM) students James Williams and Finn Scheele attended an exercise writing and management course run by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) on May 12 – 13. The course was designed to cover all of the steps necessary to plan, run and evaluate a scenario exercise. Four groups were formed, with the participants choosing a scenario for each group to plan for across the duration of the course. (read more)

Geological Sciences Masters student Kieran Grace recently attended a workshop in Wellington hosted by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists where he won the prize for the best presented poster for his research on meander loop migration. The workshop focused on how modern depositional systems can be used as analogues for petroleum reservoirs. (read more)

"There is a 30% chance that the Alpine Fault will rupture within 30 years, a one-in-500 year event that will produce a devastating earthquake of a magnitude 8 or more." PhD student Tom Robinson (Department of Geological Sciences UC) and Dr Dan Hikuroa (Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga) discussing the Alpine Fault on TV3s Re-Think programme.